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WinMount 3.2.0315 release on Mar. 15, 2010

  • Packages can be quick mounted to a same path.
  • Add MOU quick mount.
  • Optimized algorithm of quick mounting.
  • Fix other bugs.
  • File size: 2.98M
    System support: Win 2000/xp/2003/vista/win 7
    Company/Author: WinMount International inc.
    Contact Email:
    Program Homepage:  
    Download url:


    WinMount :Virtual Drive for ZIP, RAR, ISO and More

    “Hard disks nowadays are pretty powerful, Terra-range powerful. Even so, if you have to handle a lot of data, even the largest hard drive could soon run out of space. One easy way to squeeze some more space out of your hard drive is to compress data stored on it. Compressed archives take up less space, so you have more disk space at your disposal for other things.

    There is one inconvenient though. What if you need to access the information stored in a compressed archive? In that case you need to extract the files – which could be an inconvenience. What would make things a lot more convenient is if you could use the files from within the compressed archive.

    Say hello to a specialized piece of software that will do just that. WinMount, a WinMount International-developed application that weighs in at approximately 3MB, will help you manage all your compressed archives by creating a virtual drive onto which you can mount ZIP or RAR and even ISO files. Extracting data out of a compressed file in order to access it is a thing of the past – with WinMount you do not have to extract anything, simply mount the file and access the files from within.

    Using the WinMount application is a pretty straightforward process. You need only download the software and install it on your system. Once you launch the application for the first time you’ll notice that the UI (user interface) is uncluttered, clear and easy to understand. You should be able to pick up the basics in little to no time, even if you are a novice computer user. Just in case that doesn’t happen, there is a decent help file to get you unstuck.

    As mentioned above, the main reason you would like to get WinMount is to save disk space. After all, that is why the software can compress, decompress and mount compressed archives onto a virtual drive (can also mount ISO files). The program has one other function: to protect your files. With WinMount you can password protect your files so that only you have access to them (and the person you share the password with, should you decide to do this).

    Because WinMount integrates into the right click context menu, you can rest assured that the software’s functionality is never more than a mouse click away. Simply select an archive, right click and select “Mount to a new drive”. In no time you’ll see a notification informing you that a new drive is available.

    The easy way to save disk space and work with compressed files from within the archive is to download and install WinMount. It creates a virtual drive for you to mount a wide range of file formats, including ISO and VCD.


    • Easy to use
    • Right click context menu integration
    • Password protect files
    • Supports a wide range of formats: ZIP, RAR, 7Z, ARJ, ICE, LHA, cab archive files, VMWare disk image files, Ghost disk image files, HTTP, FTP, ISO, VCD and more.


    • Can be used free of charge only during the trial period of 15-days
    • Nag screen

    by Findmysoft team on 2010-03-09 18:49:12